10 Things To Carry On Every Mountain Bike Trip

mountain bike accessories

A mountain biking trip is an adventure sport of the daredevils. But in this adventure many problems may arise if prevention aren’t done. So, if you don’t want to end up being stuck somewhere with what to do next, you better take these 10 mountain bike accessories on your next trip.

1. Backpack

First and foremost thing every mountain biker need is a good backpack. A backpack is a place where you are going to keep all your essential things, so better buy one which is lighter to carry, with enough space in it.

You can also buy bags with hydration packs attached to it, available in the market. Try not to buy a cheaper one, because this is the matter of your life. ‘Frame bags’ are going to make everything easier. You could detach this bag into pieces and attach it to your cycle, so you don’t have to carry extra weight.

2. Sipper

Imagine yourself standing thirsty in the middle of nowhere with no water with you.

Why? You ask.

Because you were too smart to realize it. You thought water bottles are a weight on your backpack, and you could live without for 3-4 hours. Well, what if you are stuck on a mountain with the scorching sun over your head for 15 hours, or for one day for that matter. That’s when a real problem may occur.

Now you don’t want to end up drinking your own piss, do you? If you’ve watched 127 hours, you must know what I am talking about.

3. First Aid

Bike and mountain are equal to possibilities of accidents. Risks may vary. Accidents could be either of little worry or a whole lot of troublesome. For that possibility, you always need to carry a first-aid kit with you.

Now the question arises of the components to fill a first-aid kit with. You need to keep a wound dressing, sodium chloride solution (to clean the wound), triangular bandages, sterile gloves, antibiotic cream, waterproof tape, foil blanket and gauze pads.

If you are unable to find all these things you could buy a first aid kit online, where they provide you with every essential of the first-aid kit.

4. Bicycle Multi-Tool

The tool may be small in size, but the benefits are fathomless. An excellent bike multi-tool will help you to keep away from all mechanical troubles. It’s like a Swiss army knife, but only for bikes. It will help you to deal with any maintenance issue that may occur while riding a bicycle on the mountain.

Buying one is not important, but you should also be informed about their significance and how to use them. Essential components of this multi-tool include screwdriver bits, hex wrenches, chain breakers, etc. some of them also come with Pliers. If you got this, you don’t need to buy separate tools to fix your bike.

5. Tire pump

You may never know when your bike tire could be flattened in the worst time and area possible. In that situation, you always need to carry a tire pump with you. Well, these days many mini tire pumps are being manufactured so that it could fit right into your backpack. A good co2 pump help fills your tires with 5-6 strokes. The con is that it’s bulkier than other pumps.

But let’s see it like this way, would you like to carry a bike on your back to home or is it ok to carry some grams of weight in your backpack?

6. Granola bars

I can’t imagine mountain bikers making food for them while resting for a while. Do you see where I’m going with that? If you can’t, let me explain it to you.

Bikers don’t have time for that. That’s when these granola bars come to rescue. They are all healthy, easy to carry, what not to like!! A good amount Calories are essential while you do cycling. 30-40 grams of carbs are necessary for 1 hour of rigorous physical exercise. After gulping these energy bars down your gut, you won’t feel that hungry.

7. Head Lamp

Why you should choose headlamps over flashlights? Well, because your hands are preoccupied while cycling so it would be a little messy to handle the flashlight and the handle of your bike. For that headlights are the best choice.

While buying a headlamp, one need to consider all these points such as LED lights (energy saving and long lasting), beam type (flood light or spot light), beam distance, Lumens (higher Lumens provides brighter light), weight, battery life, water resistance, and durability.

8. Smart Phones

I understand how you totally want to stay detached from the world for a while, but trust me it may also help you save your life.

For most of all, it could be used for making calls to your loved ones in case of any dire danger that you may get stuck in. You can track your trails by using GPS. And there are several apps which may help you in this adventure of yours such as, oh ranger! Park Finder, Runtastic Mountain, Clinometer, Bicycle gear calculator, etc.

9. Rain Jacket

You can never trust the weather; even the forecasters don’t. The weather may change anytime, and you should be prepared for anything that may come with it.

In heavy rain, you can’t carry an umbrella how do you expect to ride a bike while carrying it. No, you can’t. That’s why a packable rain jacket is a must in your backpack. It would help keep you warm and dry, saving you from the possibility of having hypothermia. And it doesn’t even weigh much so that feature could count as one of the plus points.

10. Toilet paper

It’s very rare that you are going to find a public toilet in the mountains. The probability is 0/10. So try not to forget to keep a bathroom paper with you, it won’t help to wipe stuff, but may also assist us while lighting a fire.

So do not leave the house without packing all these things. Cease the day my friend because adventure is out there!!!