7 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes For Women — (2023 Review)

best beach cruiser bikes

The modern design of all bikes is universal. Once you start looking for a bike, you will hardly ever find bikes that are designed with ergonomic features for a specific gender. However, smaller bikes tend to be favored by females. The best cruiser bike for women can be hard to find if you don’t know where to start your search.

Fortunately, we have done some digging to find the right bike to get the job done. In this article, we will be focusing on some of the top cruiser bikes that women can use.

These bikes are slightly smaller than there male counterparts. Although, the performance they offer will be the same, but slightly more comfortable for women.

At a Glance: Best Cruiser Bikes For Women in 2o23

As you might have guessed, there are a couple of important features that are the staple of most bikes. Before we get into these features, we must look at the bikes first. If you are in a bit of rush, the seven bikes we selected all offer great features to get you going. Here are the top seven for 2023:

Product NameWheel SizeRatings
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Bicycle
(Best Overall)
24 & 26-inch4.7
Schwinn Huron Bike
(Best Budget)
sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser
(Our Top Pick)
Schwinn Destiny Bike
(Best Value)
24″ Huffy Nel Lusso24-inch4.2
Retrospec Chatham Cruiser26-inch4.1
Firmstrong Urban Lady24 & 26-inch4.2

Best Overall: sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Cruiser Bicycle

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through Hybrid Alloy Beach Cruiser Bicycle

With the holiday season upon us, most people will be looking for something that they can use anywhere. One of the top options is the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Cruiser Bicycle. The bike has 46-inch wheels for larger riders while offering a 3-speed drivetrain for versatility around different areas.

Since the bike is made with aluminum for the frame, one can assume that it is much lighter than the standard steel alternative. The seat is located behind the pedals, giving you a comfortable motion that will be used for pedaling. Both tires have riffles that promote traction and will keep you going in wet conditions.

It might be a bit expensive for commuters that don’t use the bike often. However, if you plan to commute to work every day, it is a great investment to help you avoid the traffic and save on gas.

Users can find it in a variety of different colors that will stand out. Also, it can also match your size with various available size options.

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Available in numerous colors
  • 3-speed drivetrain
  • Unique pedal design
  • Rider Height: 5′ to 6ft tall

Best Budget: Schwinn Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Mikko Women’s Cruiser Bike

Keeping Schwinn off the list is not easy, as the brand has a reputation for quality. The second bike on our list is the coveted Schwinn Huron Women’s Cruiser Bike. This bike has a vintage for design and it comes with a stylish color selection.

Additionally, you can also choose the right size that will be comfortable for your size and your weight, however, this bike is best suited for riders with height between 5ft 2 inches to 6ft 2inches.

Once again, we see the addition of the fenders to the front and back wheels. These fenders offer you a bit of protection from mud and they add to the retro style design.

With 2.1 inch wide tires, 26 inches-large wheels and balloon inner tubing, it should be comfortable to ride this bike for extended periods. The saddle also features extra cushioning and springs – comes with upright riding position for added comfortability.

Occasionally, Schwinn bikes can be expensive, but when you look at the cruiser bike selection, you will see them as very affordable. The same is true for the Schwinn Huron Adult bike as it comes with a decent warranty and light on your wallet. Professional assembly is needed for the limited lifetime warranty to kick in for the frame and rims. Overall, it is a decent entry-level cruiser bike and you should go for it.

Main Features

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 17 inch frame size
  • Features mud protectors
  • Clean Retro look
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Rider Height: 5’4 to 6’2 ft

Our Top Pick: sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle

sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle

You might have already seen one of the best bikes that this brand has to offer, but the sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle we have selected here is much less sophisticated. It still comes with a 7-speed drivetrain that can be upgraded to a 21-speed option. However, we don’t see any real need in doing so.

The bike has a classic and curvy design, with a retro look like most of the top options. It comes with a plush seat and extra springs that will promote even more comfort. With so many different gears that can help you generate speed, you can expect the bike to have a strong set of mechanical brakes to stop you when needed.

The bike is one of the cheaper models from the brand, but still features an aluminum frame that is durable and lightweight. The fenders on the front and back wheels will give you more protection and lend some more style to the bike. However, you will need to add your own storage space for the gear you carry along.

Main Features

  • Multiple customization features
  • Assembles in only a few minutes
  • Affordable
  • Stylish design
  • Rider Height: 5’4 to 6’4 ft

Best Value: Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Destiny Women's Cruiser Bike

In the world of cycling, brands are important. Schwinn is one of the brands that you will always hear people talk about. Here, we have the Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser Bike with a steel frame and multiple size options for every rider. It also features a single gear for the drivetrain, removing the guessing work.

The design of the bike is sophisticated and it looks great when you put it next to some of the other bikes. A rear cargo hold is a good option when you need to store some of your valuables as you are traveling. However, you will need to add the straps if you don’t want any of the gear to slip off when riding.

Much like the other great bikes, the Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser Bike has a padded saddle that is made more comfortable with springs to enhance the shock absorption.

Fortunately, you can pick up all these features for an affordable price, as Schwinn never really adds a hefty price. It is a great cruising bike for the summer.

Main Features

  • Features a cargo hold
  • Clean & Simple design
  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • Rider Height: 4’8 to 5’6 ft tall

24″ Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike


When it comes to a bike that you can use everywhere, one of the most important features is storage space. No one likes to carry heavy backpacks and the 24″ Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike has a large frame for helping you add storage space. It is 24-inches in total, making it perfect for all slightly bigger women.

For the storage space, you will have a bag in the front that comes with the bike for small items. The storage bars at the back works well with a basket, but one can easily add a few straps to keep all of the gear in place. Versatile pedals allow the cruiser bike to be pedaled with a forward or with a backward motion.

If you compare it to some of the competitors, it might be bit expensive. However, the bike has many great features like durability. The assembly instructions are very easy for almost anyone to do.

Additionally, you will also receive a limited lifetime warranty on the frame. We recommend it for riders that have a lot to store when traveling.

Main Features

  • Multiple storage holders
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty
  • Rider Height: 4ft. to 5’4 ft.

Retrospec Chatham Women’s Beach Cruiser

Retrospec Chatham Women’s Beach Cruiser

Whilst doing research, we came across a couple of features that all of these bikes have in common. One of these features is the retro design. However, the Retrospec Chatham Women’s Beach Cruiser takes it one step further when it comes to the design. Even the colors look retro to give it a look of an older bike with a lot of class.

The standard version is 26-inches and it comes with a single-speed drivetrain that is very easy to use. The saddle is comfortable with a lot of padding and the handlebars are upright for most women who are beginners. The only downside to this bike is the lack of storage space that you will need to add manually on your own.

If you are strapped to a budget, the Retrospec Chatham Women’s Beach Cruiser will be one of the most affordable options that you can choose. Assembly is easy, as it comes with all of the parts in the box and clear instruction. The only thing you might need to buy separately is your storage rack or basket to mount on the front or back.

Main Features

  • 7-speed shimano drivetrain
  • Wide Wanda tires
  • Extra wide saddle
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Rider Height: 5 to 6ft tall

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

If you are looking for a bike that is much more common, the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is not the right option. While it might have a pedal design that is common with other bikes, it has the cruiser handlebars that make it comfortable to hold and pedal. At 24-inches, it is perfect for the average rider.

One of the stands out features is the seat. The seat is large and it comes with springs. These springs will combine with the design to add some extra cushioning to the bike. The balloon tires will complement the bike. However, users should also note that you can pedal backward with the bike, as it only comes with one speed.

Since the bike does not have a lot of advanced features, it is one that you can pick up for next to nothing. If you are looking to beat the traffic or cruise around urban environments, these options will work wonders.

We would recommend it for comfort and luxury without the need to take on tough terrain.

Main Features

  • Stunning good looks
  • Multiple colors to choose
  • Durable steel frame
  • Comfortable oversized seat
  • Rider Height: 5 to 6ft tall

How to Choose a Beach Cruiser Bike for You?

The breakdown of the reviews might make it seem like any bike with a retro look is the ideal cruiser bike. However, we did put a lot of effort and testing into selecting these bikes. If you don’t know how to look for the special features, the following guide will help you. We have isolated as many of the key features to look for as possible:

Frame Type

One of the first things to look for in any bike that you plan to buy is the frame. The frame will add and remove a lot of strengths and weaknesses for the bike. Generally, you can choose between the carbon frame, the steel frame, and the aluminum frame. We have created a small breakdown of all the frames for you to scan through.

  • Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is the most expensive frame type that you can choose. This frame has incredible tensile strength and they are lightweight. However, it is rare to find a cruiser bike with one of these frames.
  • Steel: The cheapest option is the steel that is durable and has the strongest tensile strength of the cheap bikes. Unfortunately, the downside is that your bike will be heavy and assembly could be tricky.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is in the middle. It is priced in the middle of the two bike frames and it has the features of both but does not excel in any. The frame is affordable and has decent strength.

The frame that you will choose for your bike will come down to your budget and your needs. We don’t recommend that beginners choose an expensive carbon fiber frame. The best frame type for most riders is the aluminum.


Size is a feature that many people often neglect to look at. The misconception is that you look at the frame when it comes to the size. However, the tires are a better indication. Larger tires can hold more weight. For most women that are around 6-feet or shorter, you should be able to use the standard 24-inch bikes.

However, larger riders might need to consider the 26-inch frames. These frames have large tires that have a bigger tube. As a rule of thumb, the largest riders should try to find bikes with a 29-inch tire to keep them up.


For cruiser bikes, the drivetrain is not as essential. Since most of these bikes are used in urban and flat environments, you don’t need to increase or decrease the tension.

However, a bigger drivetrain with more speeds can make a difference. Shimano is the biggest designer of the top drivetrains, but we recommend the single-speed drivetrain for most cruiser bikes.


The brakes are a big part of the bike, especially when you are driving at speeds. The coaster brakes are common for most beginner bikes and they don’t have a lot of stopping power. However, the disc brake is the modern brake that offers the best stopping power. Unfortunately, disc brakes are much more expensive for beginners to buy.
The mechanical disc brakes are still affordable and they fit almost any type of bike.

Additionally, the hydraulic disc brake has more stopping power for wet weather conditions. The downside to these brakes is that they need a lot of skill to set up and they have a hefty price tag. For cruiser bikes, the coaster and mechanical disc brakes should be ideal.

Additional Accessories

The four features we isolated above are the most common and they are universal to every bike. However, cruiser bikes have a few different accessories that you need to spend some time looking at. These are not essential, but you will make your life much easier when you do decide to add these features…

  • Storage: For a cruiser bike, you will need some sort of storage features to carry all your belongings. These storage features can be in to form of a basket at the front or bars at the back. Fortunately, these accessories are cheap to add.
  • Handlebars: The shape of the handlebars on cruiser bikes are a bit different. However, they are comfortable for women to use. We recommend making sure that you have a comfortable set of grips on these bars.
  • Saddle: Most cruiser bikes have large saddles, but that will not help you when it comes to comfort. The cushioning is important for your saddle and many of the top brands also have support springs for more comfort.
  • Pedals: With cruiser bikes, it is not just about the size and shape of the pedals, but the location is also important. If the pedals are slightly in front of the seat, it offers more comfort when cruising. However, it can be hard to add power and build up a lot of speed.
  • Design: The retro design is a common option for cruiser bikes. However, these bikes can also be modern, allowing you to get more power due to the pedal locations. The prices are the same for the designs.

Wrapping Up

With all the information about this article, you should be able to find the right bike for your needs. The best cruiser bike for women will make your life easier and allow you to commute around town. We hope that you have found the bike you like and we would love to read some of your comments on the bikes we might have missed.