Does Cycling Build Your Leg Muscles

does cycling build leg muscles
One might think that spending hours pedaling a bicycle would build up leg muscles easily but that is not the case. Biking is a version of cardio training which a completely different routine than one would follow to build overall body muscle.

There are ways that you can build up stronger leg mass, massive quads that give an appearance of having major leg muscles.

How Often One Should Exercise

It is suggested to work out two to three times a week. If you have access to a bike trainer or the gym riding on the off days, then is not a bad plan. Alternating the exercise regimes doing each one of them one time per week is a good goal.

Easy Ways to Get Better Leg Mass…

  • Shift to higher gears when riding
  • Wearing heavy leg weights throughout the day doing your regular tasks
  • Perform bike sprints sitting or standing will help to strengthen legs
  • Ride uphill or inclined, if riding inside on a bike trainer, or treadmill

Exercise Regimes That are Successful

The following are proven effective exercises to get your legs built up and stronger than ever. You just require the use of a gym or gym equipment to get it done.

Pedal power

This exercise will also help in building muscle fibers so you won’t fatigue as easily or quickly. Do 4 sets of 10 reps with the weights on legs. Do once per week.

Leg press

This is the only exercise that requires the use of the gym. Better than squats because you can add 200-300 pounds in weights. While on the leg press machine, feet on platform, shoulders apart, back flat, abs engaged, release the levers attached to weight plates without locking the knees, pause, slowly bend legs to lower and repeat It to more 3 sets.

Low BPM grinds

Big gear works big yields. Big gear low cadence intervals into the wind or on a slight incline. Try keeping cadence under 60 RPM for about 5 minutes. Rest, repeat and do at least two to three sets.

Heels and toes

While in standing position, raise your heels, standing on the toes and toes portion of the foot. Repeat anytime you are in a standing position.

Single leg pedaling

Do each of the exercise regimes once per week as it is presumed that riding will occur on the alternates. Most can only do this for 30secs before becoming fatigued. Sit on an indoor trainer with one foot clipped in and the other not, the non-clipped foot on a chair or a bench. Low cadence, focus on smooth pedal strokes. Spin like that 30 seconds. Switch legs. Repeat. Do three to four sets. Finish off with both feet clipped in and work up to 3-4 minutes each leg each time.

Staying Healthy Tips

The following tips will help ensure that you maintain maximum healthiness while doing your cycling training regimes.

  • Be watchful that you are taking in enough proteins
  • Eat right after you are finished working out
  • Be sure that you are getting enough rest
  • Intake plenty of fluids to ensure proper hydration

Cardio and Cycling

In cardio training, cyclist time is invested in the areas that include quads, abs, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. These areas produce lean body mass and are the hardest body types in which to muscle out. So while it is a great means of being healthy it does little for building up leg muscles.

By following all these exercises any cyclists can achieve a great overall mass on their body. However keep in mind that biking isn’t a muscle building sport, so lift lighter and get stronger.