5 Easy Ways To Fix Knee Pain Caused By Cycling

knee pain by cycling

Cycling truly is an insane invention, there’s no denying it, but let’s face it, cycling got some flaws too

We are aware of the health benefits we get from cycling, but what we don’t know is that after cycling it gets really hard to get rid of that insufferable knee pain from cycling.

Well, not anymore because with these following steps you can get rid of the pain pretty much easily.

Fix Your Posture

What is that one thing that you have been doing wrong for so long? The answer could be your posture. The first and foremost thing to do is to check your posture, i.e. make sure that all this time you were sitting in a comfortable position.

Basically make sure that while cycling is there any postural problems you are dealing with, like internally rotated femurs, anterior pelvic tilt or possibly some muscle- imbalances which could be the reason for cycling knee pain.

But let me tell you something, that these problems can be fixed. Try to sit straight while cycling and get yourself rumble roller to ease the pain in your knees. You can also let an FMS-certified professional trainer to check your posture.

Does Your Bike Really Fit You?

You can’t just ride on the next bike you come across. Why? You ask.

Well, that’s because there are certain adjustments to be made for the particular individual so that their ride could be safer and comfortable. These adjustments include right saddle, bike height adjustment, handling the cleat’s rotation and position, handlebar height and width position.

So that your wrists and elbows won’t get stressed, pedal spindle movement check so it fits your knee comfort perfectly, adding wedged shims to your feet so that it would prevent certain leg length incongruity.

Professional might take a huge amount of money from you, but it’s better to get your bike fitted up by a professional than doing it by yourself.

Cease the Training for Some Days

If you think that after taking care of some prevention you’ll go back to what you were doing, then my friend you are wrong. You have injured your knee enough to not even walk for some few days, and now you are thinking about cycling, which by the way is near to impossible.

Regress training makes you cross your milestone for fitness but if you’ll try it when you are injured it may cause you more problem than you could ever imagine.

Give your body and most importantly your knee some proper rest. Our body is smart enough to rest, but only if you let it. Ditch those cleats for some time for God sake and you’ll see your knee recovering from the knee pain after cycling.

Knee Massage

This one is kind of obvious and pretty much easy to guess. Knee massage is necessary to let it heal a little fast. If not done, the pain could also cause your arthritis for the long term. This pain could also cause you stiffness and to deal with that stiffness you need to massage the muscles or could also hire a professional masseuse to do that.

The massage is done by stroking from the heels of the hand, so that the weight of the upper body is used and not just the arm’s muscles.

As the massage is still in its infancy, the therapy is not really appreciated, but the world has seen the wonders of a massage which could fix any chronic swelling or medical condition.

Opt for Exercise Bikes

Yes, you heard it right. Most of the bicycles we ride put extra stress on our knee, so it’s better to opt for exercise bikes. They can be recumbent bikes, elliptical or air resistance bikes. These exercise bikes are a great low impact way to get in shape and burn calories. Try them out, your knees will say thank you!

Nutritional Supplements

The supplement can prove beneficial to your knee pain after cycling if taken cautiously. Ointment knee pads are ok, but supplements are more than ok for you.  These herb supplements have proved best, scientifically. The extract of Willow bark can treat the inflammation caused by knee pain, and it could also treat the fever.

Ginger extract on the hand is not just used in cuisines but if used with some other treatment can heal sore knee. And the last supplement will be Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine, which are being used widely over these past decades.

I hope all these tips and techniques helped you in some manner. So fix that knee pain right now.