Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch Mountain Bicycle Review

Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle

Mongoose has been in the business from past 41 years , it has been a leader since 1974. Mongoose brand bikes are originally manufactured and designed by BMX products. It was founded in a southern California garage by BMX. The firm is known for its innovative and dynamic stance in the cycle industry.

Other than mountain bikes they also sell street bicycles by using magnesium and light weight alloys like aluminum. They sell total 2 lines of bicycles one of them is normal one that also offered by mass merchandisers, and the other one are sold in high-end special bike shops. They produce authentic and durable products for daredevil riders from heart.

Anyways, Coming to the Mongoose Statis Comp Full Suspension Mountain bike review. Below down I have gone through the in-depth research of this famous MTB, and provided the benefits and drawbacks of the bike. Without further adieu, let’s get started!

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Main Features

  • Bike offers easy handling on dusty, slick conditions
  • This Mongoose is both lightweight and agile
  • Perfect bike for comfort and performance
  • Recommended for riders 5’3” and above

Lightweight Alloy Rims

The Mongoose statis mountain bicycle features alloy rim which offers the fast release of the front wheel and a lightweight 26-inch aluminum frame, which makes it super agile and comfortable. Other than that aluminum is making it lightweight which also helps in preventing the corrosion.

Durable Frame

The full suspension frame of the bike offers durability. When speaking of durability, the components of the mountain bike have to be reliable i.e. if they can or cannot take the pressure of the rider for a long time, otherwise what’s the point of such a heavy investment. The bike overall should have the significant features like a fork and the brakes to prevent harmful injuries.

The reason why full suspension bicycles are the most recommended is that full suspension is needed while riding on rough terrains and other than this, the full suspension also helps in maintaining the suitable control you need to have while you are on your bike.

So before buying any bike, you need to be aware of the suspension feature of the bike, which in the case of Mongoose bike you don’t need to worry about that aspect. The suspension of the bike won’t let you encounter the little or even large bumps on the road and the suspension fork will help you save from the shock on these rough terrains.

Powerful Braking System

The bike has a smooth matte red color which makes it look attractive and fiery in nature. Other than the look, this 50-pound bike is easy to handle.

Rear and front disc brakes offer great brake power, so you can stop whenever and wherever you need, and the 3 piece alloy crankset offers a wider range of gears, and front wheel provides 21-speed gears for every sort of riding be it on smooth, bumpy or crazy rugged hills. Disk brakes are better than rim brakes in terms of its consistency on the muddy and wet, with little maintenance.

21 Speed Shimano Rear Derailleur

The alloy wheels also provide a very quick release front. SRAM twist shifters offer seamless gear shifting. The pedals and seat is nice and comfortable. The bike is all easy to assemble with great tires and handlebar. The 21-speed shimano rear derailleur will help getting you ride through many tricky maneuvers.

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Benefits And Drawbacks

The bad part about this bike is its chain guard, which is made from plastics and it’s not such a good idea to start with if you are traveling on mountains. Even some of the customers were not quite satisfied with the brake pad tubes and crank arms, they all were felt faulty. The bike manufacturers later fixed some faulty features of the bikes when buyers complained about it.

The Amazon service helped these unsatisfied customers supply replacement parts with ease. Well other than bad reviews some customers were satisfied with the smooth ride quality of the bicycle which is done with the help of disc brakes.


  • It’s affordable compared to other mountain bicycles
  • Apt for beginners
  • Easy to accelerate due to its 26 inches size of the wheel


  • Not apt for people with 5’10” height
  • Seat is uncomfortable which makes it harder to ride even on smooth roads
  • Riding on really rough terrain is not always suited

The Bottom Line

Mongoose Statis Comp 26-inches is not just a bike but a dream come true for an intense adventure seeker. This is an inexpensive option for its heavy features, although the best thing about this bike is that the price totally meets your budget and the size of your wallet. If you are looking to get a bike under 300 dollars then it’s a perfect choice, plenty of features in such affordable price make it the best bargain.