5 Best Mountain Bike Lights For Night Riding

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Mountain Bike Light is a savior for the riders who ride after dark because you don’t have to limit yourself to the daylight riding only. The bike lights give you freedom to ride at any place and at any time. These LED lights are not just essential for a rider’s visibility but also for other road users so that they can see you coming.

So, If you are willing to invest in a model that offers outstanding quality without breaking your bank, have a look at the list and decide…

At a Glance: Top 5 Mountain Bike Headlights of 2021

Although a wide range of Mountain Bikes lights are available in the market, but picking one of the best can be difficult for you. However, we have researched and finally put together a list of best mountain bikes lights and reflectors at a very affordable rates, that meet your daily needs and expectations.

Product NameBattery LifeTypeRating 
NiteRider Lumina 750
(Editor's Choice)
18 HoursUSB rechargeable4.5
CatEye Volt 1600 Headlight
(Top Pick)
15 HoursUSB rechargeable4.7
Light & Motion Urban 800FC
(Best in Budget)
1.5 HoursUSB rechargeable4.5
Magic Shine 20004 HoursRechargeable4.1
Knog Blinder Road 40011.7 HoursUSB rechargeable4.0

1. NiteRider Lumina 1000 Bike Light – (Editor’s Choice)

niterider lumina 750 bike lights

This Niterider Lumina 1000 front light is very reliable and is powerful enough to give you perfect light for night riding. You can take your bike on unlit roads, and enjoy five light settings to make sure it fits every environment.

From the model name itself, it is clear that NiteRider puts out 1,000 lumens of intensity level. This is the top-most intensity level from other models of NiteRider supporting only 400, 550 and 650-lumen.

When you get a perfect light source, you don’t have to worry whether to your travel on or off the road. 1000 lumens count is a good illumination and ensures faster riding in low lit areas.

Main Features

  • Easy to use buttons can be accessed even wearing winter gloves.
  • Astonishing battery life 90 min on high power, 3 hours on medium, 6 hours on low power settings, and 18 hours when riding on a ‘walk’ mode.
  • Also can be mount on Helmets

2. CatEye Volt 1600 Headlight – (Our Top Pick)

cateye volt 1600

The main reason why this headlight has gained so much popularity is that its lights come in square-shaped beam pattern, so less amount of light is wasted at high power.

In round lights, more lights are wasted from the sides and from peripheries. It is mostly seen the light quality is affected when there is any heat.

This model doesn’t come equipped with any of heat sinks so one can really expect to get a better light.

The light doesn’t need any professional help and rather easily slides down pressing a small button provided at the side of this light. Its weights have been designed keeping the weight carrying capacity of the bracket in view.

 Main Features

  • As the light heats up, its illumination or we say intensity level starts decreasing.
  • Excellent Li-Ion battery capacity of 6800mAh can last up to 2 hours on high power.
  • Easy Mounting and all thanks to its Flextight system
  • 100hr of battery life in a single charge

3. Light & Motion Urban 800FC Headlight – (Best in Budget)

light and urban 800FC headlights

Light & Motion Urban is the largest lumen capacity light from an urban range of Mountain bike lights. This headlight has been designed keeping the nightlife of the busy riders in view.

Light & Motion Urban 800FC simply serves the purpose of people who love to travel on a single track.

Simply the best, lightest, brightest, and the most illuminated model of this class – in a low budget.

Main Features

  • Illumination up to 800 Lumen has been certified to the FL-1 Standards.
  • Can be recharged rapidly.
  • Latest components used in assembly
  • A Customized reflector that allows a rider to set light according to his or her needs.
  • Type of beam used in this light provides maximum coverage while riding.

4. MagicShine 2000-Lumen LED Bike Light

magicshine 2000 lumen led lights

Magicshine 2000-Lumen is a very good lumen count when combined with its twin CREE XM L2 LED that delivers an awesome performance, powerful beam, and a versatile usage.

This model won the best mountain bike light award in the MBUK’s Group Test issue released in October 2012, and again in the year 2013. So, it’s a superb choice for mountain or even road bikes.

Its design is not very bulky. MagicShine 2000-Lumen LED Light is compact in size, can be easily mounted on your helmet.

There are many other features that many users have appreciated so far like quality, its mounting system, battery life, and its robust nature. Its power switch is given at the top-side so you can easily switch on and off.

Main Features

  • Various Lighting modes
  • More advanced power indicators
  • Powerful battery life and inexpensive

5. KNOG Blinder Road 400 Front USB Rechargeable Light

knog blinder road 400 front light

This Knog Blinder Road 400 rechargeable light perform exceptionally well and is considered as one of the best Mountain bikes lights for the road cyclist.

As the name suggests, the model comes with a pack of 400 lumens of light and twin CREE XB-D LED offering wide beam at an angle of 22° and narrow at 15°.

You are free to use any of them depending on your needs and requirement of a light in a particular situation.

On a total, both angles, offer 11 different modes that can be set with varying combinations of brightness level, flash, and much more. 100% waterproof design and USB Rechargeable Light can be installed in your Mountain bike without any hassle.

Main Features

  • Dual and constant flash modes
  • Very powerful, with optional ‘full beam’ mode
  • Lightweight and easy to attach or detach

Things to Consider While Buying Mountain Bike Lights


The first and the most important thing that you should think of is to buy the Mountain Bike Light that perfectly fits your bike. For example, if you have recently bright your bike with handlebars of 35mm diameter. You need to make sure that the bike light is securely fitted. A weak fitting or loose brackets can suddenly invite disasters for you.

Power Check

Make sure that your Mountain bike light ‘theoretical’ lumen counts are somewhere between 30-40% higher than the actual value of lumen output of the light. Do you know ‘theoretical’ lumen counts are based on the LED power, and the amount of charge your Mountain bike battery has in order to reduce the efficiency?

Type of the Beam

You need to be clear about your usage of Mountain bike light. Whether you are facing difficulty in straight driving or fast riding, you would prefer to choose beam light accordingly. However, it is advised to make a balance of both for better illumination.

Battery life

Then you need to look for the battery life so that your bike lasts longer while riding to any remote location. If your bike battery has extended its limits, avoid carrying it on rough terrains.

Control System

You can increase controls and extend your bike functions by paying more.

All-in-one light

There are models that come integrated with the battery and bike light. Mountain bike riding is easy when all of its parts are tied together. But it is mostly seen the all-in-one bikes are less compatible to wearing helmets. Less up-gradable but has more value in the long run.


Latest technologies and control systems make a light delicate but reliable. Make sure the Mountain bike light you buy can withstand different weather conditions. Although many Mountain bike lights models are available in the market and it is hard to find the right one.

Hopefully, you found this information useful and consider it practically while buying a quality and reliable Mountain Bike Light for yourself.

Image Source: Cyclingweekly.com