SE Bikes Big Mountain 24-Speed D Hard Tail Bike Review

se bikes review
In the crowd of inferior mountain bikes Big Mountain 24-speed D, hard tail stands out as a top-notch mountain bike. This bike has been designed to meet the needs of mountain bikers as well as the urban riders. The best aspect of this bike is that the price is totally affordable.

This well-built Big Mountain bike has been designed for dynamic riders of all skill levels, so that could meet the need of all types of consumers. Now let’s analyze some of its amazing features.

Main Features

  • Extremely attractive overall look
  • Ability to withstand abuse from tough terrain
  • Lightweight with an efficient fork
  • Gear changes are smooth and hassle free
  • Large 29-inch wheels
  • Top Notch Braking System

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The SE Bikes Big Mountain Bike comes with its mechanical disk brakes on rear and front wheels provide great safety to the riders. These brakes are much more competent and independent when compared to the linear pull brakes.

The reason why mechanical disk brakes are preferred over other brakes is because they offer you an ultimate control on the bike, making the ride safer especially in emergency situations. Their guarantee at even deadly situations helps setting it distant from other brakes of different bikes. The great braking system with 160mm rotors won’t just help you but also keep safe other road users.

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29-Inch Wheels For Better Grip

Another amazing trait of this SE Big hardtail mountain bike is its wheels of 29-inch size. With these largest sizes of wheels, SE bikes have ensured to make your rough and edgy terrains smooth.

The reason they have built large wheels is because then they’ll be ideal for a rider to ride through loose surfaces of the road or hill by increasing the sufficient traction in the bike.

Other than that, these wheels are helpful in enhancing the energy force of the bike by reducing the rider’s’ effort they put while covering long distances.

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Advanced Shimano Gear Shifters

The 24 speed and the Shimano gear shifts are significant if one has to increase the speed performance of his bike. The inclined formation of the bike helps achieve the speed feature. Other than bike’s inclined structure it is also light in weight which makes it easier to carry places.

The bike also has a feature of front steel suspension forks which is ideal for a smooth ride on rocky and bumpy terrains. These suspensions help absorb the shock from rough mountain trails.

Drivetrain is another splendid feature of the SE Bikes Big Mountain. The drivetrain’s quality components help riders to travel at their own desired speed. Another efficient feature is its 24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire shifters, which contribute to ensuring the smooth and hassle free gear changes.

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High Quality Alloy Frames

It’s always better to invest in a good quality frame bike unless you want you to ride to be all uncomfortable and a mess. Bike’s top-notch quality frame is lightweight, durable, strong and supportive to handle it and the rider, while riding on wet and rough terrains.

It is the reason why they have doubles the alloy frame hence embodying all important features of a quality frame. This uncompromising frame will help you endure worse environments without failing on anyone’s expectations.

SE Bikes comes up with alloy frame which has a simple design and simple structure which includes handlebars linking to the saddle. Be it tall or short, this feature is suitable for people with different height. This modifiable saddle of the bike help it adjusts to suit the height of the bicycle rider. The soft padding of the seat also helps provide great comfort while riding the bicycle.

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  • Smooth to ride even on rough terrains
  • Front suspension is of top-notch quality
  • The look of the cycle is exciting as well as attractive


  • No manual is given, i.e. no instructions or guidance
  • The bike is heavy in size so sometimes it become hard to carry
  • Not for people with 5’3” or below.
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Conclusion – Top Bike Pick

The SE Bikes Big Mountain is definitely my top pick for mountain bikes under 1000 dollars. Cyclists of all skillsets will enjoy the components, flexibility and reliability that this bike has to offer.

Upgrading is an option but very few customers have found it necessary for any of the primary components, although a couple have upgraded to saddle. But other than that this bike is worth your every penny. The SE handles like a dream, can stop on a dime, all while tackling the course in a smooth fashion.

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