7 Things To Avoid When Buying A New Mountain Bike

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Investing a big amount can be a tough job but buying something that had to last for a very long time, then it becomes a harder job for one altogether. There are many types of bikes with different features and different prices.

So if you are ready to purchase your very own bike, then this guideline will help you avoid doing these 7 things.

Decide Your Budget First

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Budget is the real deal, before deciding what mountain bike to buy you need to establish a budget. A good mountain bike can cost you about 1000-2000 USD, so avoid buying expensive bikes that will give you same feature or properties just like any low price bike.

Do not get carried by the over exaggeration made by the salesperson. Before listening to anything he had to let him know about your established budget, so that he’ll show you bikes only that falls in your budget.

Avoid Buying Bikes That Doesn’t Suit Your Riding Area or Interest

Mountain bikes come all in all 3 categories which are XC, downhill and all mountain.

First things first decide what the type of trails you like riding in is! If you my pal like riding on local trails, then you should buy a decent all mountain bike, it’s never always costly, so it also will meet your thin budget.

Whereas if you’re riding style includes a sort of lift serviced, then the best bike for you could be a downhill bike.

Don’t Buy the Bike Without Test Riding

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How do you know that a bike is for you or that you have made a correct choice unless you test drive it yourself?

So this point completely cuts out the option of buying bikes online as you cannot test ride then. You have to give it a few rounds here and there, run that pedal up, and clutch those handlebars a few times.

Basically do everything that you would do if it were your own bike, just don’t damage for then you will end up paying the damage cost of the bike. Many bike dealers allow giving a bike for the test spin, try asking for a spare one, though.

Don’t Forget About the Essential Accessories

What’s a dress without any accessories, same way, what’s a bike without its accessories? Don’t ever skip the accessory part. It’s no use if you bought a pricey bike and the bike doesn’t even have the essential accessories which are needed.

Some of the suggested accessories include bike lights, helmet, tires, chamois padding quality shorts, spare tubes, a floor pump, or even a smaller pump, tire levers, cartridges and CO2 inflators.

Don’t Miss, Ask About Special Discounts

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Just because you are buying a bike that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold as much importance as buying a car. Both are quite the same.

Did you get your heart struck at that cool mountain bike, but are wondering if haggling with a salesperson could be worth your time. Well, you won’t know until you try.

So go ahead and ask if there is any discount or special offer available at that hearts truck bike. Maybe your efforts might get you a really good negotiable amount for it.

You Can Customize It Too

It’s not necessary that one can find everything in one bike or a perfect bike for that matter. It doesn’t always happen for everyone that you’ll find what you’ve been looking for so long. But it’s not the end of the world, now is it? Don’t forget that you can always customize your bike. Yes, you may have to spend a slightly more money.

Once you tell them what features you need on your bike, you’ll be more than surprised at what might come out of it.

Take Help of a Professional to Fit Your Bike

Before making your decision of buying the bike make sure to get a confirmation from a professional. You have to make sure that the bike has all the elements needed and if it fits you perfectly or not.

These are some tips to keep in the back of your mind prior to getting a new mountain bike, don’t forget these.