Apple issues warning to users:

A serious security vulnerability detected in Apple's iPhone, iPad, and Mac - that could allow attackers to control the devices completely.

It was discovered that WebKit - the browser engine that powers Safari and other apps, and the Kernel - main OS are vulnerable.

The WebKit bug could be exploited if vulnerable devices accessed maliciously crafted web content - which would result in the execution of arbitrary code.

According to Apple:

The second bug allowed malicious applications to "execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges," meaning full control over the device.

iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Monterey are all affected by these flaws.

The Tech Giant said:

It affects all of the iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 4 and later, iPod touch 7th generation, and iPad Pro models.

The security warning comes ahead of Apple's traditional September launch of the new iPhone - expected to be called iPhone 14 this year.

New iPhone 14 to be launched: