Big Breaking

Elon Musk announced some big news about the Starlink system and their possibilities for connecting to Tesla cars in the future.

According to Tesla CEO

Starlink internet satellites for the second generation will include cellular antennas that will connect to T-Mobile and possibly other mobile operators.

He Tweeted:

In response to tweets asking whether AT&T's LTE network would work with Tesla's electric cars—he replied with “Yes”.

No clarity

But, SpaceX CEO did not elaborate on how much data users might be able to access from the connections when they're out of network.

During the event:

Musk said that Starlink's satellite-to-cellular coverage would be able to provide a 2–4Mbps link. Which everyone within the coverage area will share.

Basic Connectivity features

However, users won’t be able to livestream from car cameras but will be able to send text messages and can even use “selected messaging apps".