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I’m Sanu Dutta, the guy behind the site. I’ve been riding bicycles (especially MTBs) my entire life and am passionate about everything that comes along with it.

I wouldn’t call myself a true “Mountaineer” but the guy who ride for the pure joy, happiness and fulfillment, which riding a bicycle brings.

Why Bicycle Avenue?

Bicycle Avenue is your one-stop resource center for mountain bikes and we love it when you ride up here with us on our reviews, budget, types, accessories and resources, which you’d never find elsewhere.

We take our time, while you’re out there mountain biking, to do reviews on the market, feasibility and functionality of our mountain bikes. This is to give you, an informed experience in your adventure across the world’s cluster of terrains.

Bikers are in the habit of wanting more especially when they lose one or more sensitive parts, basically as a result of sheer negligence and again, what do we do? We reassure them that they could ride again even with better experiences and that’s our pride.

With that in mind, we decided to try to make things easier for you; we want to give you the shortcut we never had. So we rolled up our sleeves and did all of the legwork for you, with the hopes that you would visit Bicave.com and say…

Wow!  Everything at one place. This is pretty awesome.

We deliver a collapsed budget structure on our range of mountain bikes for you to fine-tune your decisions and be financially organized to acquire our mountain bikes that are tailored to satisfy you and give you maximum benefits at the best cost of purchase and maintenance.


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